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Android Development

Android is a known computing platform based on Linux Platform.First version of Android was released on 2008 in form of mobile platform.It was developed in the java programming language and run with java core libraries.Basically,It is an operating system which is limited only up-to Mobiles.The objectives of creating Android is to provide healthy real-world product that can improve interaction of mobile users.Android releases it’s version time to time.There are several versions released in past years i.e, Cupcake,Donuts,Eclair,Froyo etc.

How Android development becomes so important?

In some past years Android  App Development  Service has become as widely used operating system by mobile users.Android covers 86.2% of the market.Although there are premium Android models competing next to the latest iPhone, but there are also relatively cheap Android phones and tablets available for sale at Walmart and on Amazon.There is increased discharge of Android phones in market which clearly shows there is endless scope in Android development.Now audience is using application for shopping,games,entertainment and for many other purposes. Mobile apps have wide usage in different industries.Android apps are always on top options on businesses since used by the potential customers extensively.This led the liberty for android developers. 

Some pointers to keep in mind before developing your Android Applications:

1.Target:You should be aware whom you are targeting.Suppose you are planning to create an application for education then you must categorize the educational levels in different groups based on their ages and interests.

2.Speed: Always make sure that the loading time of your application should be as minimum as possible.Slow apps makes users irritating and that allows them to uninstall your application and switch to another.

3.Number of Downloads: An android developer should always try to create an application which is used by everyone.Application should not be limited to specific class. Also make sure your app has that extraordinary feature that makes audience to start using it, the moment they download it.

4.Social media inclusion:If you will connect your application with social media platforms like Facebook,LinkedIn etc so that Social media users also get aware of your application which leads more downloads.


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