Get The Best Agile Methodology for mobile app development Service in New York

First of all, it is very important to know that agile is a methodology, not a tool. It is an iterative model that develops incrementally rather than delivering the complete model at the end. It is an updated and flexible development process where you can make changes as per your needs in between the process of app development model

In this approach, processes are divided into sub-modules that are assigned to individual teams subjected to their competency of app development right from designing to development, testing, delivery.Agile methodology works step wise by starting with planning then designing, building, testing and reviewing then repeating and it will last until your app is ready to be launched.Agile methodology works step wise by starting with planning then designing, building, testing and reviewing then repeating and it will last until your app is ready to be launched.


Advantages of using Agile app development: 

Agile has become the go-to system for new companies and helps to focus on delivering a quality application rapidly and proficiently. Optimization is done by Agile throughout the development process and it significantly reduces the overall risk for any given project.


Faster delivery: In Agile development the whole process is divided into submodules to individual teams. Every team is assigned different processes and has little dependency on other teams. Also, everybody has a clear idea of their deliverables, related assets and timelines, which automates the procedure and makes it fast. Each developer put in his best efforts into completing their tasks in the mobile app development project which results in a more streamlined app development process with faster delivery.


Reduce Risk: With changing aspects of market trends and needs, it is quite risky to launch your app in the market. Sometimes, it happens that market data that have been collected gets outdated from the time you launch your application. Due to this, you can have bad ROI and negative image in the market.Here Agile model is considered to be the best since you can judge the risk after every sprint without disturbing the previous sprint. It allows you to take calculated risks and improve your project’s market scope making the application more appropriate for the market.


Better Quality: Agile does not test the app at the end of the development phase, unlike the traditional app development models. Rather, it goes for testing at every stage. Due to this, there is less chance of encountering an error at the time of quality testing of the complete project. It also allows mobile app developers to check the app elements at every stage of the development process and make changes or improvements as per the requirement, eventually helping in delivering a quality end product.


User Feedback: One of the strong focus of the Agile mobile app development approach is on people and collaboration, which brings an opportunity for the development team to work closely with their clients and understand their vision. With this, transparency of the process is also there since the projects are delivered to the clients in the form of multiple sprints.It also allows the team to determine either both parties are on the same page or not and if not, permits them to make the required changes before proceeding further. It reduces the chance of launching a defective app and therefore ensures enhanced customer experience.


Lower Development Cost: In this methodology every stage is well planned, executed, and delivered, due to this it becomes easy to estimate the development cost and it to keep the costs in check. Also, if there is any increase the app development costing, it can be done easily with Agile methodology. So, the lack of resources and budget doesn’t affect the project.


Before choosing a Best Agile Methodology for mobile app development Service for your business,  always make sure that they are able to follow the latest tendency and features. Agile methodology works step wise by starting with planning then designing, building, testing and reviewing then repeating and it will last until your app is ready to be launched.  At Bevolve we provide you the Best Agile App development Service ,Mobile App Development and App Design Service . So, if you wanna grow your Business and want any kind of Agile development service In all over New York  so contact us 



Best App Design and Development Service In New York


Today, people search  more on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets on the place of desktops. Mobile app is a useful way to reach your target audience. It can allow you to provide them with all the appearance and functions that your website can. Custom Mobile App Design services can help you have your own app that addresses your business objective. Before you hire app development services you should know about the latest trends and developments in this field.

Mobile app design contain both the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) services.  Mobile App Designers are responsible for the overall style of the app, including things like the colour scheme, font selection,type of app,and the types of buttons and widgets the user will use.Before developing or designing any kind of app you should know about the app and their inbuilt feature of the app.


Things to know before Design  App:

Empathize – Learn  the needs of your customers.

Define – Construct a point of view based on customer needs and vision.

Analyze  – plan all the  possible solutions for the development.

Model – Create several Models of your solutions.

Test – Put your models in front of users to get feedback.


How we design and develop your Apps:

Research and Analysis:

By being a mobile app designing  and development company, Bevolve is a full-fledged software development vendor, our staff has deep and large industrial knowledge. With it, we can figure out  each project individually while understanding general business needs and user assumption. All the Requirements and specifications and needs created by our Business Analysts are the basis of mobile app designs we create.

Layouts and Wireframe:
After finalizing a discuss project analysis and roadmap, Bevolve design team works their magic to pinch even the most complex process into compact mobile screens. Our priority is to always make apps easy  and user friendly to follow, so our UI/UX consultant make layouts and wireframes while planning how an application will react to the user’s every touch and swipes.

Customer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us. We are very  confident and proud of the grasp and talents of our developers and designers, our customers’ opinion means a lot to us. We welcome your feedback and do our best to fulfil your vision of an ideal mobile app design by providing you with concept picture until you are completely satisfied with them.

UI/UX Design:
Our UI/UX consultant make sure that its design is dependable with your brand image and acquire existing company color scheme, fonts and graphic style. However, we also welcome if you want to remake your image or create a visually stand-alone mobile app. We are ambitious to present our own ideas.


Bevolve experts create UI/UX design that are both convenient and slick, be it a normal or hybrid app. We are well-versed to provide design for native iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps, as well as for every kind of hybrid and cross-platform functions.


Before choosing a  Best Mobile App Design and Development agency for your business,  always make sure that they are able to follow the latest tendency and features. This includes AMP, cloud technology, Android hybrids Apps, mobile payment apps, and much more.At Bevolve   We we provide you the App Design Service  and Best App Development service In New York for our Business.So, if you wanna grow your Business and want any kind of Mobile app design and development service In all over New York  so contact us : 


Get the Best Mobile and web Development Services all over New York

Searching for best  web and mobile development companies in New York? In today’s date, a responsive website builder and a great mobile application developer is play a very important role  that adjusts to variant devices beautifully without losing its user-friendliness is a winner! And assuredly, every company wants to give a flawless experience to its users and create easy obligation with its products or services. Hence, hiring one of the best web developers in New York who can attend to all the front facts is pretty much important to any business house or any company wants to build their business.

What is mobile application development:


Mobile application development  service is a set of actions  and procedures which involved in writing software for small, large,wireless computing devices. Like Web function  development, mobile application development has its roots in more traditional software development. One main difference, however, is that mobile apps are often written clearly to take advantage of the unique features of a particular mobile device offers. For instance, a gaming app might  need to be a good written to take advantage of the iPhone’s accelerator or a mobile health app might be written to take advantage of a smartwatch’s temperature sensor.

Our mobile application development process:

User Experience Driven

Robust Testing Protocol

Best Practice Implementation

Feature-First Approach

Data-Backed Strategy

Innovative Mindset


What is web development:


Website development  service is all about more than just building a site that is functional and attractive. It needs to get the job done. From emotional functionality to compelling voice-over  and precise search engine optimization, our web development team has end-to-end capabilities to engineer anything online.Web development is the process which involved in making sites for the Internet or an intranet. Web development  process can field of from making a simple one fixed page of plain text to complex web-based internet applications, computerized businesses, and social network services.web development usually refers to the main non-design aspects of building web sites: writing markup and coding.Web development may use content management systems (CMS) to make content changes easier and accessible with basic high-tech skills.

Our Website Design & Development Process:




User Experience





Beta Testing


 At Bevolve we provide you the Best Web development service and Best Mobile development service in New York as well as we help you reach out all the problems related to Mobile app development,Andriod app development service  that grow  your business.

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Mobile Apps that you can’t afford to miss in your Android Phones

Bevolve is one of the most popular Android  Application Development Company in New York City. We were recognized as one of the fastest growing mobile and Web development companies in the world. We have  an exceptional team of designers, developers and project managers. Our innovative mobile app development procedure allows us to turn a simple app development idea into a  very highly profitable app.

In Today’s Era Cell phones have become a need for some individuals all through the world.Cell phones are the perfect way to stay connected with others and provide the user with a sense of work .it’s hard to imagine life without cell phones . And mobile Apps is the heart of any Mobile!Today, the availability of mobile apps is on the increase such that it is produce an apparent change in the way humans feel and experience computing. Few years ago, in order to access the internet, check and read mails, one had to use the computer but today this has changed because computing is now carried everywhere in mobile phones.

 A Satisfied client is our biggest asset more than anything else. They made Bevolve as one of the Best Mobile App Development companies in New York. As an app development company, we differentiate ourselves from others in terms of an unbeaten Combinations of quality & innovation.

  There are a number of Mobile services on android phones but are we using all those applications?Are we aware of the correct usage of that particular application?Is there any substitute for it.So here is a list of  Few Mobile App services that must be present on your phone:

1.AirDroid: AirDroid is one of the most useful as well as free and fast Android app that helps you manage your Android phone/tablet for any kind of  a web browser.

Some perks of AirDroid:

a.Transfer of data without USB cable.Even when the device is not nearby.

b.Locate and lock your Android when it’s lost. Cannot get it back? Simply wipe all data remotely.

2.PSIphone Pro:Psiphon is a bypass tool which is provided by the  Psiphon Inc. ITS include VPN, SSH and HTTP Proxy machinery to provide you with uncut access to Internet content. Your Psiphon client will naturally learn about  our new access points to maximize your chances of passing things..

3.Swiftkey:SwiftKey is a virtual keyboard app developed by TouchType for Android and iOS devices.SwiftKey keyboard is trusted by over 250 million users worldwide. It doesn’t allow to store sensitive information like credit card number or ATM pin.It uses AI technology which makes it understand what user wants to type.Overall, Swiftkey will enhance your typing experience and is a must have app on your Android device.

4.WhatsApp: This has become widely used app.There is hardly 5 or 6 % of people who don’t use this app otherwise everyone have whatsapp in their phone.Whatsapp has launching new features in every 6 or 8 months. It is one of the secure Android messaging apps and is also accessible from a desktop environment.

5.Unified Remote: Controlling your PC from your android phone was considered to be a dream a few years ago but now mobile applications make it a very easy process..This app uses Bluetooth or WiFi to access control your PC and comes preloaded with support for more than 90 popular programs files. 

6.GPS: GPS simply means Global Positioning System which is a network of revolving satellites in space that sends  actual and accurate position.The interesting part is that you have not to pay extra for any data and information like exact location. Additional data charges may apply when getting the satellite images and data from a GPS enabled smartphone.

7.Tiny Scanner:It is tiny scanner which makes android phones as portable document scanner.You can scan your any document like Pdf, books,image,receipt,reports or just everything. This pdf report scanner app is lightning fast and attractively designed for both phone and tablet.

8.Browser:Most essential app to visit any  websites.Chrome, opera mini and UC browser are one of the most examples which are widely used for fast  browsing and downloading. Amongst UC browser is the best that reduce the data usage and beautiful surfing  experience.

Bevolve is a full fledged Marketing agency which provides all types of Web and Mobile development services. We give one of the Best Mobile App development Company . Because, you will come to us carrying big hope to reach your business target. We will deliver your app development project on time and on our budget. We also provide decent mobile app development services in Los Angeles,Toronto,New York