Build your Audience who build your Digital Business

How content marketing can increase your traffic?

Content marketing proves to be the most effective,practical and useful digital marketing strategy that a brand can use to increase quality leads and customers.As we know “Content is king ”.So if you don’t have good content you can’t expect a good traffic on your site.You get credibility and authority You can write content on the issues that your customers are facing.

1.Higher visibility in google:If you will create good content daily then google will index your content more frequently.Because of this the chances of ranking in google increases .The more content you produce more chances to rank it on google.

2.More Social Traffic :Social media is big powerful platform in today’s era.becomes a potential advocate for your brand.If you are writing quality content and sharing it on social media platform it is more likely to get traffic and customer.If your content is informative or relevant than your friends will also share it with their friends.

3.Improved brand Reputation and relationship with customer:
From the time you started writing quality content your website reputation will automatically get improved since more people are able to connect and relate with you.By providing good content your relationship with customers gets better and this will again give your boost.

4.Better SEO: Earlier,”keyword stuffing” was a way to dupe search engines to rank your page higher in their search but now search engine like google has modern google algorithm to assess the quality of content.When you are continuously producing high quality content then are giving google chance to rank your website in front of those people who are searching topics in your niche.

Tips a Content marketer should be aware of:

According to Hub-spot,business that post 16 blogs per month have 3.5 times better performance than the businesses who use to post hardly 4 or 5 blogs per month.
1.Focus on Heading:
Which headline you will like to click?
“How to reduce the huge fat of our body within 15 days ”
“How to reduce fats”

The answer is obvious.

Whatever you are including in your content either it is image or video it will not create any effect on your audience because heading is the most important aspect of your content.
Try to make your headlines juicy and alluring, and your conversion rates will skyrocket.

2.Try to generate content which can educate people:
Your customers having problem problems and if your brand can solve it than why not. engaging content is the best way to give challenges and solutions to your customer.Try to develop the content which is the biggest paint point of your customer so that they can relate to you.

3.Try to give reasons to your audience to stick on your website:
Based on a recent Microsoft research, human’s attention period is for 12 seconds or less than than that.So if you want to gain user’s attention then be sure you must have informative and quality contentSince there is a lot of competition and other businesses also running around and they are giving best efforts for creating engaging content. You must prove that why they should read your content rather than others.

4.Always add pictures and videos:
As we know human beings are visual creatures he will process pictures and videos fastly. So,try to add 5 or 6 images with your 3000 words content.If you want to increase the user response and share of your content add more pictures,videos to your content.

5.Appeal to your audience’s emotions: We pretend to be more logical and rational,but we all are emotional at some extent.If your content can emotionally connect with your audience then it’s a surety that your content will get significant impact.

There is a quote “In an oversupplied economy, customer feelings drive purchase decisions and profitability” The brands that tend to thrive are the ones that are able to elicit the right emotions and hit the sweet spot.

How exactly do you appeal to your audience’s emotions?

Well, you start by understanding which particular emotions on average generate huge response: Picture
With this,try to add more images and videos since it direct targets, limbic system which controls human emotions.