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What is PPC?

PPC stands for “Pay-Per-Click”. PPC advertising platforms permit you to create content, represent it to relevant users and then charge you for specific actions taken on the ad. In many cases, you will get payments for the ads clicked by users, but on some platforms, you also have to pay for other actions like impressions, video views, and on-site engagements.

Benefits of PPC:

Track the success:

Everything about pay-per-click is traceable, from the amount that you’re paying to the number of hits your website receives. This makes it an efficient tool for testing different campaigns, strategies or landing pages permitting you to evaluate which are the most responsive and the best option for your business.

PPC also makes you realize what your customer wants rather than just booming your traffic. With PPC it is also possible to have tight-budget since PPC becomes more pricey when your post proves popular. The cost will increase with every click with the help of CTR you can stop the campaign before it gets expensive for you.

Instant Responses:

With the help of PPC, you can receive results instantly. As soon as your Campaign will be approved your campaign approved your ad will be seen by many Web users.The ability to launch a campaign quickly and ensuring it reaches your market instantly makes PPC the best option for product launches, seasonal promotions, and event-focused marketing.

Allows you to Target Audience: 

It allows you to present yourself in front of your audience. Social media platforms like Facebook allow you to target a precise audience as the data is available to the marketer. This increases the targeting experience since it allows more conversion because of the relevant audience.

Take advantages of business opportunities:

As it is quick and fast to launch a PPC campaign you can take advantage of it for your business.Is your rival’s website is down? Are their customer is decreasing day by day? No problem,you can set up your campaign in a minute and start driving their audience towards your business.For the sake of time and efficiency, PPC can really be a good option.

How does PPC works:

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a wide category, which includes a broad variety of platforms and mediums. However, most of the PPC ad campaigns can come into two categories: Google Ads and Social Media Advertising.

Google Ads:

How does PPC works on Google Ads?You pay Google the amount as per your budget and requirement to list your ads in an organic search listing. when someone clicks that ad you pay Cost per click from your budget. Google stops to view your ad until you replenish your funds. There is a list if google ads: Search Ads, Local Search Ads, Display Ads, and Remarketing.

Search Ads: Google search are one of the popular PPC advertisements.When a user searches for some product then your ad will be visible at above or beside search list in response. So, when a user searches for some services or products the first thing that will be visible in your ad but through the PPC model, you will pay only when someone clicks your ad.

To set up a Search Ad campaign, first you have to write your ad copy, select the keywords you want to be shown for and then set your daily budget.It’s quite difficult to make your ad visible at the top; there is a deep process of management and fine-tuning to have surety for getting the best possible return on investment (ROI) for your ad.

Local Search Ads:

These ads are not other than PPC advertisements but it is a specialized subset of the standard Search Ads. These ads are totally focused on location based on the searching of business or services near your Google or Google map. They are also charged on the basis of cost per click.

Your campaign will be set nationally by Google ads by default.If you have a local business, you ship to a particular area or provides service to a particular geographic location,then targeting your location in Google Ads proves to be the best practice.