Difference Between Web Design and Website Development?

What is web design?

The creation of websites and pages for a company’s brand, information, and accessibility is known as Web Design in Mississauga. Whether you’re creating a website, a mobile app, or changing things on a web page, appearance and design are essential components. You can apply for jobs where your creativity can assist a company more effectively with its brand, message, and bottom line by developing your web design skills.

Web Design in Mississauga.

Key Elements of web design:

  1. Layout and design
  2. Branding and colors 
  3. Graphics and Image 
  4. Accessibility 

What is website Development?

Website development, usually referred to as web development, is the term used to describe the development and maintenance of websites. It includes the technical application of a website’s design and function, making it useful, interactive, and available to Internet users. Many careers are included in website creation, such as coding, and programming.

Key Elements of Website design:

  1. Front-end development 
  2. Back-end development 
  3. Content management system
  4. Accessibility 

 Difference between web design and website development?

Web Design :

  • Create each component of a website or software application that a user will view, including all visual, graphical, typographic, and usability components.
  • Work one-on-one with a client to develop designs, or work together as a team to create the client’s vision. 
  • A programming language or some coding abilities, or at least some familiarity with common languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript, may be required. 
  • To test design concepts, create wireframes and prototypes, and provide suggestions for design logos, branding, and company style guides.

Website Development: 

  • Write the code necessary for a website to run, whether it is the front end or the back end side.
  • Create or put into effect designs that a client or design term has requested. 
  • Various programming languages including HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript, as well as frameworks and additional languages, must be known at an expert level. 

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