Why is a well designed website more responsive

Well designed website means is not only to be colorful or flowery but it should be well structured or customer friendly.

While designing a website, the web designer should keep customer’s convenience in mind because if the customer does not find a website easy to navigate or friendly they switch to the competitor’s website which is a big reason of high bounce rate and bad experience.

A business website is the basic need of every business nowadays because the public doesn’t follow traditional marketing anymore. Everyone’s inclination is towards online marketing. We all for our every small & big necessity search Google rather going to market.

Here are the 7 reasons of why a website should be more attractive.

  1. Customer attention – A well-structured website is responsible for customer attention towards the website and driving more traffic, which increases the CTR, and later it turns into a purchase which is the final goal of every business.
  2. More traffic – An attractive website catches the customer’s attention and brings them to the website which is helpful in driving more traffic and growing business.
  3. Competition – To stay in this competitive world of online marketing is very important to have an attractive business website just not to lose the existing customers or persist in the competition.
  4. Customer-friendly – Website should always be designed in a way that make it easy for customers to use such as navigation, product selection, add to cart, and payment.
  5. SEO – Website rank on search engine page through SEO depends on its customer experience, relevant content and Thank you page which further depends on how that website is designed. In absence of good design or development of a website, SEO would not work. So getting ranked on the internet a website should be well designed.
  6. Customer impression – As always said first impression is the last impression, which applies here on a website structure. When a customer visits a website and he finds it impressive, easy to use or related to his requirement then the website leave a good impression on that customer to visit again and it also helps in creating a good image of the company.
  7. Sales growth – Whatever we all are doing from designing a website to planning, promotion, and advertising just to increase sales and which is not possible without having an attractive or well-designed website. So web designing is responsible for increasing sale.